Richard Galliano, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Alex Balanescu, Evelyn Petrova at QEH part of London Jazz Festival


Two mouth-watering collaborations that travel from the old to new worlds, linked by the passionate melodies of traditional musics, and the instrumental virtuosity of musicians who combine a deep sense of their own heritage with the language of today.

Accordionist Richard Galliano has taken the quintessential elements of tango and the French traditions of chanson and musette, creating a uniquely personal music of his own. Grammy award winning pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba — making a very rare visit to London — explores the sources and nuances of the culture of his native Cuba in similarly individual style. Together, these two remarkable players create music that crosses oceans and genres, reflected in a sumptuous new recording, Love Day.

Romanian born, internationally renowned violinist Alexander Balanescu plays with a rare emotional force. Here his incredible virtuosity blends seamlessly with the intensity of accordionist Evelina Petrova, whose raw, rootsy attack and hauntingly beautiful voice speaks directly from her native Russia.

This concert is part of Russian ACT No.5 –

Part of the London Jazz Festival in association with BBC Radio 3

Evelina Petrova and Roberto Dani
Part of the project "Mirrors. Dedication to Andrey Tarkovsky"
Fornacepasquinuci gallery, Italy 2014

Two fragments
(Lullaby, Round-Dance)

Evelina Petrova and Alexander Balanesku. Video from Ethnomechanica world music festival 2009 in Saint-Petersburg.

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