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SoLyd records, SLR 0288, 2001

Vital, shamanistic and indelibly marked with the soul of Mother Russia, Petrova has stirred audiences both as a solo artist and in the company of contemporary jazz artists such as fellow countryman trumpeter Vyacheslav Gayvoronskyi…

Guyvoronsky makes extensive use of composition, and while he’s influenced by classical Modernism there’s a very much stronger Latin American feel to most of the pieces here. Perhaps it’s just the accordion, but the duo did make their debut appearance at the Astor Piazzola competition in Italy, where they won a prize. Petrova’s sound is ravishing, mostly avoiding the reediness associated with the accordion in favour of a timbre often reminiscent of a wind band. Her instincts when improvising are rarely wrong, and Guyvoronsky’s writing for her is superb.

Richard Cochrane, CdBaby


Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky – trumpet, voice

Evelina Petrova – accordion, voice

Music by Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky


1. song 2’06

2. song 3’47

3. song 7’00

4. song 5’33

5. song 5’15

6. song 7’06

7. song 11’01

8. song 3’43

9. song 2’27

10. song 4’45

Total time: 52’37


Evelina Petrova and Roberto Dani
Part of the project "Mirrors. Dedication to Andrey Tarkovsky"
Fornacepasquinuci gallery, Italy 2014

Two fragments
(Lullaby, Round-Dance)

Evelina Petrova and Alexander Balanesku. Video from Ethnomechanica world music festival 2009 in Saint-Petersburg.

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