First Dance

Evelina Petrova Trio’s debut album is a meeting between Russian folk songs
– Norwegian traditional music with harding fiddle and Nordic jazz.
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Evelina Petrova — accordion, vocals
Laura Ellestad — Hardanger fiddle, 5-string fiddle
Andreas Rotevatn — trombone, electronics

Evelina Petrova Trio is an international encounter between three different musical traditions, backgrounds, and instruments. Evelina Petrova Trio has a surprisingly organic and natural sound, with room for the beautiful and the ugly, the tonal and the atonal – always warm and heartfelt.

The album title, First Dance, is inspired by the title of Misha Alperin’s composition, “Her First Dance,” which is also included here. Misha was a unique musician and composer who dedicated his life to the search for the individual musical voice, and to the idea of wholeness and unity in music. We are particularly grateful to Misha for his deep interest in our trio, and for the invaluable guidance he gave us during many of our early rehearsals. To show our love and gratitude, we dedicate this album to Misha.

EVELINA PETROVA: Farewell 3:45, To Parajanov 4:58, Birds 6:11
MISHA ALPERIN: Her First Dance 4:43, Nostalgia 2:13
ROBERTO BONATI: Le Silence de l’Ange 5:33
TRAD. : Grief 2:10, Ring 5:46


Nice words in Klassekampen about our album “First Dance” written by the great musician Anne Hytta:

— The music ensnares you with the melodies, and when pulled in you just want to stay there.

(-Musikken drar deg inn i melodiene, og der vil du bare bli.)

Check out Musikkmagasinet to read the rest.

Also some nice words from Karl Erik Sylthe:

— The resulting album is a sonic experience with exciting music, bordering on jazz and folk music with a Russian accent.

(Resultatet har blitt en vellydende CD med spennende musikk i grenselandet mellom jazz og folkemusikk med russisk aksent)

Evelina Petrova and Roberto Dani
Part of the project "Mirrors. Dedication to Andrey Tarkovsky"
Fornacepasquinuci gallery, Italy 2014

Two fragments
(Lullaby, Round-Dance)

Evelina Petrova and Alexander Balanesku. Video from Ethnomechanica world music festival 2009 in Saint-Petersburg.

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